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RE:[sap-basis] SAP Logon Partner Not Reached

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Reply from dgsap on Aug 10 at 1:12 AM

I turned off the firewall in my machine, and I do not have any other sap system to test the connection to it.

I tried the telnet, and hereafter is the result:

Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed

Please advise

---------------Original Message---------------
From: dgsap
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017 2:20 AM
Subject: SAP Logon Partner Not Reached


We have successful installation of SAP Netweaver BW in a DEV server which is a virtual machine hosted in the Vmware vSphere.
I have installed SAP Netweaver GUI for Windows in machine with OS MS Win10.
DEV Server IP:
My Machine IP:

SAP Logon Properties:
Connection Type: Custom Application Server
Description: SAP BW
Application Server:
Instance Number: 00
System ID: DEV

Whenever I tried to connect to SAP system from my machine it pops up the following error:

[i]---[/i]  [i]SAP GUI for Windows 730[/i]  [i]---[/i]  [i]partner '' not reached[/i]  [i]Time		Tue Aug 08 09:08:10 2017[/i]  [i]Component	NI (network interface)[/i]  [i]Release		730[/i]  [i]Version		40[/i]  [i]Module		nixxi.cpp[/i]  [i]Line		3286[/i]  [i]Method		NiPConnect2:[/i]  [i]Return Code	-10[/i]  [i]System Call	connect[/i]  [i]Error	No	10061[/i]  [i]Error	Text	WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused[/i]  [i]Counter		1[/i]  [i]---[/i]  [i]OK [/i]

Please advise.

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