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Get involved and share your SAP knowledge or get help from SAP experts worldwide on the full range of SAP topics and products. 

Send Your Questions regarding any SAP topic to:
To ask your question on any SAP topic do the following:
- Use a Good Subject Line
The subject header is your golden opportunity to attract qualified experts' attention in around 50 characters or less. Don't waste it on babble like "Workflow question". We all have busy jobs, often we just skim through the list headings and read those that interest us. Also, DO NOT reply to an unrelated post to ask a different question. This confuses those reading the thread and may lose people that would be interested in your question. Always start a new topic with a new mail.
Bad subject: Urgent problem with workflow
Good subject: Error after transport: "Inconsistent workflow definition"
Do not use words in capital letters and any of the words: urgent, quickly, burning, etc in your message. Especially not in the title!
The same goes for such things as ??? or !!! in appends. In the English language one ? or ! is sufficient to terminate a sentence.
- Only One Question Per Posting
For each question that you have, make a separate posting. Don't ask multiple questions in one posting, this is confusing for people and might not get answered, since the subject line does not reflect all your problems. If a new and unrelated question comes up during a thread, start a new thread.
- Provide Enough Information.
For starters, please tell us which version and type of system you're working on - e.g. SAP R/3 4.6C or SRM 4.0 (EBP 5.0). If your question is regarding an error, include that in the message. If it is a request for info, please be specific. Questions such as "How do I administer workflow" are vague, tell us exactly what you want to know - "I'm the administrator, how do I forward work items to another agent?". If it's a big query, its better to break it down into separate questions.
Answering a question
The community lives by people like you, trying to help others. When you see an unanswered question where you think you can answer, do so and help the poster. Remember to be polite and if you do not completely understand a question and need more details, request more information from the poster.

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