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RE:[sap-basis] Error: Service '?' Unknown While Selecting Group Server in SAP GUI

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Reply from Waelz, Dean on Aug 10 at 9:26 AM
Good Day

The message server runs somewhere in the port range of 3600-3699. If the system number is 00 then the message server will (unless you change its default) listen on port 3600.
The PC needs to be able to connect to the host where the message server runs, on port 3600 (let's assume). Use telnet to test this (from the PC where SAP GUI is): "telnet <host> 3600"
If that works ("works" = the screen will go blank or mostly blank) then try again with "telnet <host> sapms<SID>".
You have to substitute the actual hostname for <host> and the 3 character system ID for <SID>. If the telnet connection attempt does not work, it will throw an error message (send that back if it happens).
Ctrl+] is the sequence to break out of the connected telnet blank screen.

---------------Original Message---------------
From: Tapas
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2017 4:43 AM
Subject: Error: Service '?' Unknown While Selecting Group Server in SAP GUI

Hi Hilik,

Thank you for your response.

I have already added the line

sapmsXXX 36yy/tcp

But the issue still exists.

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