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[sap-basis] Message Number # TP124

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Question from swapz123 on Jul 7 at 7:50 AM

Current STMS Path is

TST --->> RQ1 ---> RP1

Previously it was

RD1 ----------> RQ1 ------> RP1

I want to Transport a Request RD1K912415 on RQ1 by copying cofile & data file.

But whenever Relaeasing Transport it give a message like

"Test call of transport control program (tp) ended with return code 0012"

I have checked STMS > System Overview > SAP System all Three option are correct.

Finally I checked the logs of Transport Request and found this Error :

Target system RQ1 not defined in TPPARAM file Message Number # TP124

I dont want to disturb existing STMS path just want to Transport this Request on RQ1.

Please suggest.

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