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RE:[sap-log-pp] Deleting A Production Order In SAP

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Reply from CWK on Jul 12 at 9:24 AM
Delwar -

Physically deleting a production order from SAP is not an easy thing to do. It is actually an archiving activity and SAP wants lots of ducks to line up before allowing an order to be archived.

If your order has an inspection lot, then you have to make sure the inspection lot is all buttoned up (basically, it needs a usage decision). There are other objects tightly linked to a production order that must be in a state that permits deletion of the order. I'm not a data archiving expert so I'm not sure.

I do believe the setting TECO may not be enough. You might want to try setting the CLOSE status and try to delete again.

In any event, you should be able to make the order "disappear" from MRP (MD04) even if it is still physically in the database - is that your real goal?


---------------Original Message---------------
From: DelSho
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 12:31 AM
Subject: Deleting A Production Order In SAP

Dear Guiseppe,

Thanks for your quick response. Actually I use MD04 (after running MRP using MD02) to give production in favor of a sales order number so that I can deliver goods from that sales order stock later.
I tried to delete the production order using CO02 in the following way (after giving the production order number):
Functions >> Restrict Processing >> Complete Technically
I did it without any problem. Then,
Functions >> Deletion Flag >> Set
But I could not set the deletion flag. In that case, the following message appeared:
"You cannot set deletion flag for order 710000010679 (see log)"
In the log, the following message appeared:
"Message No. CO432"

Now, I want to delete the production order produced using MD04. If it is impossible to delete it, please tell me how can I transfer material stock to sales order stock using MIGO. This may partially solve the problem.

Would you mind giving me your personal email address so that I can share my screens with you? It will be helpful for me.

Delwar Hossain

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