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[sap-acct] Bank Providing Quicker Payment At Discounted Amount To AP Vendors - Supplier Financing

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Question from Suren on Jul 11 at 9:54 AM
Has anyone implemented functionality to offer your suppliers/vendors in SAP Accounts Payable financing through a bank?
We are looking to contract with a bank to offer our vendors financing so that they can obtain their funds earlier. We need to configure SAP so that our approved invoices in SAP which are open, are sent to the bank. These invoices will be offered to the supplier for a lesser amount at a quicker date. Upon the original SAP invoice maturity date we need to fund the bank with the full amount of the invoice.
I am wondering if anyone else has done this and how they have accommodated sending the invoice information to the bank, while leaving the invoice open so that open payables is correctly reflected (and that we don't pay the invoice ourselves in the meantime), and then the invoice is closed and the funds are deposited at the maturity of the invoice.

- Suren
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