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RE:[sap-log-pm] Setting Start and End Dates from a Maintenance Plan

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Reply from wagoss56 on Jul 24 at 10:24 AM

Thanks for the reply. I am an advocate that thinks the planned date is the due date and there is no grace. When grace periods are put in use, the new date, planned date plus grace period always becomes the due date that the business actually pays attention to. It kind of defeats the purpose of even having a due date.

As far as my solution goes, we looked at the subsequent field on the strategy. This adds the number of days to the start date or subtracted the number from the basic end date depending on what type of scheduling is configured.

The client ended up adding a 1 month duration for all operations and used a SS relationship. The planned hours stay the same because they have calculation set to manual.

Not elegant, but since they are not using, nor have any plans to utilize Capacity Planning, it will work for them.



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From: wagoss56
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 1:58 PM
Subject: Setting Start and End Dates from a Maintenance Plan

I have a requirement from my client that wants to have the work order due the first of every month (Key Date, 0% Shift Factor).However, they also want to have the Basic Finish date to fall on the last day of the month for which the Plan is called.,

e.g. Basic Start = 01-Jun-2017, Basic Finish = 30-Jun-2017.
Basic Start = 01-Feb-2017, Basic Finish = 28-Feb-2017.

I can achieve getting the Start Date and End Date to be on the first of the month (Key Date, 0% SF, and Scheduling Parameters to not automatically adjust dates (option 3: Do not adjust Basic dates to order start) and Automatic Scheduling is turned off.

Is there standard configuration to have the dates of a Prev. Maint. work order be defined as the first and last day of the month, e.g. Start Date + (# days in month - 1). If not, has anyone defined any development to make this happen?

Note: They are wanting these dates because their is a compliance report that calculates the actual compliance date by looking at these dates and then looking at "Grace Period" table. The grace period is different for each frequency.


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