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RE:[sap-log-wm] Accounting for Shipping Cost of Consolidated Shipment from Multiple Plants

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Reply from Warren on Jul 24 at 3:53 PM
Try T_60 if I remember correctly

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From: AndreyDmitriev
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2017 11:43 PM
Subject: Accounting for Shipping Cost of Consolidated Shipment from Multiple Plants


We have 3 divisions under one roof, with their own SAP plant codes. Each plant ships their products often to the same customer on a giving day. So, to save on transportation costs and to better serve a customer, we consolidate deliveries from different plants under a single BOL and pack materials from different plants on single pallet instead of creating 3 separate shipments. It works great, except we do not have a way of figuring out how to split the cost of such shipment, so each plant would pay its share. For now we allocate the cost to the plant that ships most weight, but I am looking for a better solution and your help would be very much appreciated!

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