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RE: [sap-log-pm] Required Start Date in Notification

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Reply from Olugbemi on Jul 24 at 10:09 AM
Hello Vikas,

In addition to TRE's comments;

Check if completion requirement is ticked in your maintenance plan.
Check the number of individual capacities in your work center and check your capacity utilization.
Check number of hours for breaks in your work center.
Check all your maintenance orders if you have scheduled the same work center on other maintenance jobs or tasks.
Check if work duration in the operations tab of your work order is more than 8-9 hours which means the maintenance job may spill beyond one day.

All these are factors that may affect required start/end dates as the case may be.

Best regards.


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From: tomevans866
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2017 9:28 AM
Subject: Required Start Date in Notification

As Oluwagbermi points out, there are several factors in play here.
1. One possible answer is that 12/08/2017 is not a work day in the calendar used by the Maintenance Work Center.
2. What is the duration of the tasks in the Maint Plan? Will it take more than 1 day to complete them? The schedule is to complete the tasks by the due date. The questions from Wagoss56 are based on this concept.
3. I know in older versions of SAP that 1 month equaled 30 days. To ensure the correct day of the month, we used Key Date, instead of Time.

With the Tolerance of 0%, the plan will reschedule the 2nd cycle based on whenever the 1st cycle is confirmed (whether 10/08/2017, 12/08/2017, 13/082017, etc.) While it was interesting to determine why the schedule seemed off a couple days, operationally it worked fine. If you need it to always be on the 12th of the month, use Key Date.


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