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RE:[sap-hr] Organization Structure

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Reply from JG-SAPHR on Jul 13 at 1:37 AM
The restriction in prod could be that only the following are eligible to create PD data:
- Positions responsible for Org structure - Manager Org structure, or one authorized by this person. (Note, in small organizations, one HR Manager may be responsible for all HR related tasks.).
- SAP HR Support personnel - with specific authority for a specific support task. A proper support/authorization process should be used, with a specific HR Support user id. Several tools are used for such tasks.
- He/she would know the meaning of each field well.

In Dev test or Test system, any one in HR user area or SAP support area can create the PD or PA data.

Such data should not be deleted unless it has never been used.
With due diligence, it may be delimited from a suitable date, from which the data is not applicable or can be used.

OU data creation is not a config task. Such data should not be transported from Dev or Test to prod. The SAP Prod teams, SAP Support teams including Basis, Security, Support need to clearly understand the data clearly and what can be transported from Dev client to Test or Prod system.

The id's created in Dev test client, Test /Prod system/client would not be the same for a particular job (e.g., Programmer) or a position (e.g., Manager - Payroll, Sales Manager - Northern Territory).
The id that you enter in a PD transaction depends on the last created id in that client.
When you import data from prod to Test system or Dev/test client the id of a job/position or a personnel number need not be the same as i prod.

Normally when you download data from prod to Dev test or QAS, you scramble data elements - e.g., personnel number, any PD data id (e.g., position, job, etc). Most s/w like Winshuttle should have scrambling facility.

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From: Jarsheeda Ameer Raj
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:34 AM
Subject: Organization Structure

Dear Experts,

Kindly throw your lights on creating of position / Job directly in dev or production is advisable.

Thanks in advance

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