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RE:[sap-basis] Incorrect Font in Spool (Correct in Print Preview But Chinese On Spool)

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Reply from wewtalaga on Jul 10 at 8:44 AM
I would like to update my inquiry. The local printer that we both use is YIM4-203
Also, I managed to get the chinese character spool but I can only generate it if I reprocess (via Repeat Output) the processing log of my workmate. But if I do not, I still can generate the correct spool. Also, I noticed that the two different spools have different CP in their OTF data. The spool that has chinese characters has a CP of 4103. On the other hand, the spool with the correct language/font has a CP of 4102. I searched and they are about unicode encoding.
Can someone enlighten me, please? Also, how can I fix this problem?

Thank you very much!

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From: wewtalaga
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 3:45 AM
Subject: Incorrect Font in Spool (Correct in Print Preview But Chinese On Spool)


I'm currently having an issue on a spool. The issue is, the font in the print preview is Courier but the font in the spool is in Chinese characters. Another problem is that, the spool that I generate is in correct font (Courier) but the spool that my workmate generates is in Chinese characters. I've looked into the OSS Note regarding this but when I compared that Chinese-letters spool and my spool (which has the correct font), we have the same printer. What could be the problem? Is there some issues on my workmate's print settings?

(Note that we did not print a hardcopy, what we did is enter the print button in order to generate spool and another test for print preview. Printer (according to OTF data of our spools) is XYIM4-203)


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