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RE: RE:[sap-log-mm] I would like to not have to click outside the text box in the sales text tab...

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Reply from Anthony on Jul 5 at 5:04 PM
I don't do a lot of maintenance, so I don't typically use the enter key to move to the next view, I click the Next Screen Icon (Shift+F6). Since the text box is the only entry field on the screen if there is a value there, I don't think there is any way to position the cursor anywhere else.
If the people making the mistake don't normally have to change the text value, remove the view from their defaults. If they have to make a change, they can always select the view they need at the start.


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Subject: I would like to not have to click outside the text box in the sales text tab...

Thanks Anthony. Sorry for not being clearer...this issue is that when in mm01 or mm02 when you get to or select the purchasing text tab or the sales text tab you are by default in the text box field. This has cause issues with some deleting the text or adding extra lines to the text. What I would like to see is if you could have the default cursor position be somewhere other than the text box on these tabs.

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