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RE: RE:[sap-basis] Message Number # TP124

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Reply from David Slocum on Jul 9 at 4:13 PM
Yes, the creation of the cofile and data file happens at the time the transport is released. Also keep in mind that if the system where the transport is released doesn't have any target systems correctly configured in STMS to receive the transport, then the transport will be a local transport only and releasing it won't create any files. This is all basic stuff that you should already be aware of. Without being able to look at the details for your specific setup I can't really offer any other help than I have already given.


---------------Original Message---------------
From: swapz123
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2017 10:27 AM
Subject: Message Number # TP124

Hello Dave,

Your shared Inputs are valuable and best for Knowledge.

We are doing some Temp Project that why we added TST in the Domain and removed RD1 for time being.

On RD1 we have some development regarding CO Module, and TST we using for Other Module, it will not overlay the object as its confirmed.

As you suggested, to about cofile and datafile, ABAPer shred a TR with me but I am not able to find related file in DATA directory, but file for TR in cofile directory is Exist!

That's why I am suspecting about release step, there I found an error TPPARAM message.

Could you please tell me before making this Copy Step, transport request must be released?

If Yes, because of Error TPPARAM not able to release TR from RD1 system.

1. Is file creation in cofile and data directory is dependent on TR Release?

Thanking you,

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