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RE: [EXTERNAL] [sap-acct] Problems Voiding a Check in SAP

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Reply from jtmcgarry on Jul 5 at 8:59 AM
You should have been able to run FBRA with option 5 as the reason for reversal to defer/accrue the reversal in a later period. I would now try using FBRA to reverse both the special document and the invoices. Good luck!

Jack McGarry
SAP Finance, Sr. Business Systems Analyst

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From: RHuegen
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2017 7:49 PM
Subject: Problems Voiding a Check in SAP


I am trying to clear a check in SAP, but have run up against several obstacles. When I first tried to clear the transaction with FBRA (reset and reverse) it could not perform the transaction because the check document was in a closed period. I settled for just voiding the check at the time and sent my request to our HQ to actually do the transaction for me. Today we are trying to clean up the books and I was forced to do an FCHG to unvoid the check in question. Now the problem I face is that SAP treats the clearing document created by FCHG as a "special document" which cannot be reversed by FCH8. I physically have the check in question but still need to make SAP correct. What I want to do is:

Cancel the check
Reverse the invoices that it paid as they are not for the vendor the check was made out to

Please help!

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