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RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Prevent SAP from Changing Transportation Planning Date to Current Date?

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Reply from G_Williams on Jun 8 at 2:34 PM
Thank you for your reply.

We are not using Route Staging.

In regards to the Route times, unless I am mistaken those are used/needed for the Schedule lines on the STO when it's created.

Our Business wishes to do Forward Scheduling, however they object to SAP changing the transportation planning date (TPD). Since TM is sending the delivery proposal, and transportation planning was completed, they do not believe it is correct for SAP to change the TPD to today's date (when at delivery creation the TPD from the STO is in the past). This implies the transportation planning has not yet been done, and impacts other delivery-related dates. They beleive Forward Scheduling is OK with respect to
changing Material Availbility Date to current date.

I suspect we may need to consider creating a similar but modified version of SD_SCHEDULING, but make changes for the way we wish Forward Scheduling to work, and finding an appropriate way to implement. I would prefer not going this direction, but I have not been able to find an alternative strategy.

I have considered a config change to not perform Forward Scheduling, but the Business believes it is needed, just not how SAP is currently performing it.

Thanks in advance for any other thoughts, or options to consider.

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From: G_Williams
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2017 1:56 PM
Subject: How to Prevent SAP from Changing Transportation Planning Date to Current Date?

In our implementation when a delivery proposal is sent from TM to ECC, the transportation planning in TM has been completed.

However, in ECC, when the delivery proposal is processed but Forward Scheduling is required, the SD_SCHEDULING function module, will move the Transportation Planning Date to current date, and forward schedule to derive other delivery dates. This implies that transportation planning has not yet occurred. And SAP factors in the lead time needed for transportation planning (which can be long, such as for ocean booking) and that leads to incorrect dates in the delivery.

This is incorrect. TM has already done the transportation planning.

For our purposes, it seems it would be more appropriate to leave the transportation planning date as is, and forward schedule based only from material availability date, which is also set to current date.

Has anyone addressed a similar issue? And if so, could you offer insight about the approach taken to resolve?

Our business is asking for this change, but the solution is not obvious to me (how to change the result of SAP Forward Scheduling)?

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