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[sap-log-mm] Release Strategy at Outline Agreement Level

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Question from FROJO on Aug 1 at 2:47 PM

I am hoping for some guidance. Our current configuration requries release of purchase requisition by department manager, and once PO is created it requires release of plant manager, proc. manager, etc. depending on dollar value of the PO. In my previous experience at a former employer, we were able to assign the release strategy to an outline agreement and have the initial contract released (again based on dollar value) and subsequent requisitions/call-offs against the OA were then not required to go through additional releases on the PO side. The issue we are are trying to address is improving efficiency and cutting down on the processing time of purchase orders since it could mean a 3 or 4 day delay depending on if the plant manager is able to approve immediately. We are also trying to capture as much spend as possible on contracts where negotiated pricing is established. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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