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RE:[sap-log-pm] How To Change A PM10 to a PM30?

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Reply from wagoss56 on Jul 20 at 11:14 PM
I am going to assume that you can't change the order type is because it would create a nightmare for SAP. Work Orders have 30+ configuration points. They would have to match up perfectly to be able to change the order type. If the order types are configured exactly the same, then the question becomes, why do you have two order types.

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Subject: How To Change A PM10 to a PM30?

How To Change A PM10 to a PM30?

After looking this up and finding out this is not even an option. I feel this is so stupid and creates more work for me. You should be able to change anything. All I would had to do when I hit the Radio button is select PM and hit the green check mark but that is a restricted option.

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