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RE:[sap-log-mm] Tcode That Can Be Used By Any User In SAP To Display List Of Invoice Payable That Are Picked Up In Payment Run

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Reply from ChrisO on Jul 21 at 9:55 AM
As a general comment - In our experience SAP is configured and structured along the lines that only financial people in a business need to see financial information. While this is how most large businesses work, many smaller businesses are less rigid in the 'Departments' and job roles such that non-Finance people need to see (some) financial info, particularly about materials. So it's difficult to find standard financial transactions that are 'restriction free and available to any user'.

For your specific question - a useful 'innocuous' transaction that may work for you is ME2M, which lists all purchase orders for a material (or materials) showing (i) how much is still to be delivered per order and (ii) how much value is still to be invoiced per order. When the invoices are due isn't shown - you'd need to know the terms of payment for each vendor for that info. ME2M is a material-based report, rather than financial report, so doesn't have that financial detail. But it might provide most of what you need to know? You have posted in MM group so this is a MM answer..!


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From: Kamran
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 7:16 AM
Subject: Tcode That Can Be Used By Any User In SAP To Display List Of Invoice Payable That Are Picked Up In Payment Run

Tcode that can be used by any user in SAP to Display list of invoice payable that are picked up in payment run?

User should be able to put the vendor he wants to check the invoices for

Tcode must be restriction free and can be used by any user

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