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RE:[sap-basis] Duplication in Print

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Reply from Waelz, Dean on Jul 27 at 1:26 PM
Good Day

SAP Frontend includes SAP GUI. There are more frontend pieces that may optionally be installed on the users PC than just SAP GUI (BW-MS Excel pieces and the engineering client viewer are a couple). Newer versions include SAPsprint (older versions used saplpd) which is the print server in your scenario. In a frontend type print queue the SAP spool work process interacts with the print component on the PC (saplpd or SAPsprint) to effect the printing.
SAP always recommends using the most recent version of SAP Frontend. You should absolutely try a new version to see if it has the same problem or not.

If you're still stuck, alternately you could try to copy this print queue setup (in SPAD) and make the copy a type "G" instead of an "F" and try testing that config (it may or may not work as you'd hope).


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Subject: Duplication in Print


Thanks for revert. The end user using Printer as HP 1020 LaserJet printer.

About SAP font-end package could your please explain what it is, as per my information we are using SAPGUI720 and 730 as frontend. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Further to this we tried do PDF while selection of Printer there we got Two pages but one always get created Blank.

Thank you,

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