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RE:[sap-log-wm] Removing Stock Without a Serial Number

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Reply from kristiemonk on Jun 19 at 6:34 PM
Hello Mahesh,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately removing the stock is where I am having the issue. It won't let me do it as I can not select a serial number as one does not exist. And I can't find anywhere in SAP to add one to the existing stock.

I have tried doing a return and adding a serial number there but it just added another QTY 1 into the stock before removing it.

I have tried doing an Inventory Counting post, but it will not let me without selecting a serial number and since it does not have one, and I am unable to add one, to complete the inventory counting transaction.

I have tried stock transfers and also creating a delivery docket to remove the stock, but same problem every time, with no serial number I keep getting an error blocking me :(

Stupid SAP, should never have allowed the receipt of stock without a serial number if there was no way of removing it. Very frustrating.

Thank you for your help anyway.

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From: kristiemonk
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2017 2:11 AM
Subject: Removing Stock Without a Serial Number


The Material Master was set up to assign a serial number on release only.

Someone received stock as a Good Receipt (without PO) and did not assign a serial number to it.

Now I can not create a delivery docket, Inventory Counting or do a stock transfer or any action as it asks me to select a serial number, for a part that does not have one.

Any solution to remove the stock or even be able to add a serial number to the existing stock would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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