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RE:[sap-basis] SAP Logon Partner Not Reached

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Reply from dgsap on Aug 8 at 7:16 AM
Thx Hilik for your response,

I checked the etc\services file on my machine, and I noticed that sapmsxxx does not exist. It includes 100 entries of sapdpxx and sapgwxx.

What else could be checked to resolve the problem? i.e. is there anything to be inserted into the host file!!

---------------Original Message---------------
From: dgsap
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017 2:20 AM
Subject: SAP Logon Partner Not Reached


We have successful installation of SAP Netweaver BW in a DEV server which is a virtual machine hosted in the Vmware vSphere.
I have installed SAP Netweaver GUI for Windows in machine with OS MS Win10.
DEV Server IP:
My Machine IP:

SAP Logon Properties:
Connection Type: Custom Application Server
Description: SAP BW
Application Server:
Instance Number: 00
System ID: DEV

Whenever I tried to connect to SAP system from my machine it pops up the following error:

[i]---[/i]  [i]SAP GUI for Windows 730[/i]  [i]---[/i]  [i]partner '' not reached[/i]  [i]Time		Tue Aug 08 09:08:10 2017[/i]  [i]Component	NI (network interface)[/i]  [i]Release		730[/i]  [i]Version		40[/i]  [i]Module		nixxi.cpp[/i]  [i]Line		3286[/i]  [i]Method		NiPConnect2:[/i]  [i]Return Code	-10[/i]  [i]System Call	connect[/i]  [i]Error	No	10061[/i]  [i]Error	Text	WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused[/i]  [i]Counter		1[/i]  [i]---[/i]  [i]OK [/i]

Please advise.

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