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Re: [sap-log-sd] How to best store data in SAP for exporting/commercial invoices?

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Reply from kum_suresh on Aug 3 at 10:10 PM
Export data is added at material level in the material master in the Foreign Trade Export tab. This includes the country of origin, custom tariff pref, etc
The commodity or the ECN number is maintained in configuration under purchasing in node in "Basic Data for Foreign Trade". There are are several
subsections , one of which is "Define commodity codes/import code numbers by country"

2. Once the above data points are in place, create a billing output type for Commercial Invoice with the relevant condition records to trigger based on key combinations like export sales order type or export sold party etc. The output should be assigned to a procedure and control records at which to trigger the output.
3. design a SMART FORM for commercial invoice and define the key data points and attach the form and program to call to the procedure in 2 above.

That should work.

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From: JoshP
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2017 5:12 PM
Subject: How to best store data in SAP for exporting/commercial invoices?


Looking to improve two critical processes using SAP for exporting shipments.

1. Collecting and exporting required export data (i.e. harmonized tariff codes, country of origin, class). I believe MM has this capability.

2. Generating commercial invoices in SAP. Currently we fill out a form manually using data from MM and the delivery. Looking to see if commercial invoices can be created automatically in SAP since the source data already exists in SAP.

Any advice on MM and auto-creating commercial invoices?



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