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RE:[sap-log-pm] Closed Workorder Still has Technical Status

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Reply from tomevans866 on Jul 24 at 11:02 AM
SGT Principe,
From the context of your posting (and a search on TICL status), I determined you are using GCSS. TICL is a user status and the red stop sign is custom programming. That makes it harder to advise for those of us on other SAP systems.
Generally, to set a user status on a closed Notification, you need to reopen the notification first. (From IW22, menu path PM Notification>Functions>In Process Again.) You may not have the security authorization to do that. Then you would need a super user or administrator to help.

I was at Ft. Carson when SAMS deployed in the late 1980s. From this document, it looks like GCSS is SAMS combined with SAP:


---------------Original Message---------------
From: SGT_Principe
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 12:47 PM
Subject: Closed Workorder Still has Technical Status

I recently put all my weapons in for service. Once they were done the person who did the services closed them out witch was fine. The catch its that he forgot to TICL the notification so now the work order is closed but the technical status is still there without a notification attached. There are no open work order and no open notification on it but the tech status still wont go away and I tried opening a new M1 notification to see if it would populate the admin deadline for service so I can delete but it didn't. Please help I'm just tired of half of my screen to have that red stop sign lol.

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