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RE:[sap-log-mm] Inventory Management of LPG in SAP MM

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Reply from tomevans866 on Jul 27 at 5:18 PM
What you present is more about planning the business transactions and setting up the master data than SAP configuration.
I agree with ChrisO. Work backwards from how you want the Sales Orders (and internal consumption transactions) to work, then setup the process and data to support them.

Adding to his questions, do you fill the cylinders?

You will need to select a Base UOM (aka Stock Keeping Unit), then add an alternate UOM to get the Liters to Ton. SAP rounds off, so generally you want to Base UOM to be a smaller unit.
If the Base UOM is KG, then L (liter) is an Alternate UOM and 1.773 L = 1 KG. SAP should already know that 1000 KG = 1 MT. You can check in transaction CUNI.
You could make the Base UOM L, then 0.564 KG = 1 L.

You can do any Sale or Purchase in any valid UOM for the Item. The system will calculate to the Base UOM. With this setup, the bulk purchases and sales should be fairly straight forward.

For the retail sales, there are several options. The answers to your questions will help decide.


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From: aftabkhan_dk
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 5:01 AM
Subject: Inventory Management of LPG in SAP MM


Following is a brief summary of our query regarding inventory management of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) with SAP MM module.

1. Company 'A' has five storage plants with LPG storage tanks and warehouses.
2. Company 'A' procures LPG from local vendors and also thru import.
3. LPG is procured in Metric Tons (MTO) and stored in bulk tanks located at different Plants (also in MTO).
3. LPG is also stored in Cylinders of various sizes (11.8,45.4,30,2,6,18,9.786), the unit of measurement in this case is KG.
4. Cylinders are procured as Asset and is treated as a returnable item from customers. Furthermore, stock of filled and empty cylinders is maintained and monitored at various Plants.
5. There are two types of customers i.e Retail (dealers and individuals) and Bulk (commercial customers)
6. Retails sales is made thru cylinders in KGs
7. Bulk sales is made in MTO & Litres

Following are the formulas for conversion of LPG quantities in different UOMs

a. Tons to Liters -> (qty*1000)/0.564
b. Liters to Ton -> (qty*0.564)/1000
c. Cyls to Tons -> (qty*weight of cyls)/1000, for example: (qty*11.8)/1000

Would certainly appreciate if someone guide me how to configure LPG inventory management and its conversion to different UOMs and containers (empty and filled cylinders).



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