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Re: [sap-security] SAP FICO SAP EASY Access Screen And SPRO Screens

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Reply from ZKhan on Jul 27 at 10:18 AM

These are two different menus used for different purposes.

SAP Easy Access: This menu is when you login to a SAP system you see a custom menu which is designed for you based on your job requirements.
This menu gets customized for you based on roles and responsibilities assigned to you based on your role in the organization.
Therefore, features and functionality in this screen is unique to each user and it is based on what roles/profiles are assigned to the user.
SPRO Screen: This screen will carry options/features to customize SAP system itself.
Any customization here has global impact on the SAP system and requires transport to move the changes through out the landscape.
It is a critical transaction and assigned to highly skilled system developers only as the impacts are global.

I hope this is clear enough. You can do further research by googling on terms.

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Subject: SAP FICO SAP EASY Access Screen And SPRO Screens

What is the difference in designing through SAP EASY Access screen and Designing through SPRO Screens?

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