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Re: [sap-log-sd] SAP Standard Report to Show Delivery Number With Invoice Number and Sale Order Number

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Reply from kum_suresh on Jul 5 at 2:09 PM
First try creating a query using SQVI by joining tables (VBAP-VBELN ,LIPS-VGBEL, VBRP-AUBEL). If you can get the desired results, then you can either convert this to a query via SQ01 so all users can use or give it to a ABAPER to develop something on these lines. The common field that will join the three tables is the sales order number. Fields VGBEL and AUBEL is the sales order reference coming from VBAP-VBELN). By joining the item level tables it will pull if there are multiple sales orders in one delivery and billing document.

Hope this helps.



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From: abdulnasir1
Sent: Monday, June 19, 2017 12:22 PM
Subject: SAP Standard Report to Show Delivery Number With Invoice Number and Sale Order Number

It seems like a simple report, ask your developer to run a query for you. The data you are looking for sitting in SAP standard tables, all you have to do little search. You have tables in SAP where you can see the document flow for sales, delivery and invoice.
The best solution for your requirement is to write a query with the help of developer or you can do own your own. Let me know if I can be more interesting for you.. Thanks

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