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Re: [sap-log-pm] Required Start Date in Notification

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Reply from ffolagundoye on Jul 14 at 7:28 AM
Hello Vikas,

If you have checked the number of days in your priorities configuration in SPRO and all are correct, kindly check your scheduling type, is it time, key date or factory calendar? That will help me answer your question better.

Best Regards,

OluwagbemiPM consultant.

---------------Original Message---------------
From: Vikas Gupta
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 4:20 AM
Subject: Required Start Date in Notification

Hi Friends,

My query is with regards to the Required Start Date field in notification.
Scenario is like this: There is a maintenance plan with priority 1 (Very high). I am creating a notification through Maintenance Plan, that means the call object is a notification. When I schedule the maintenance plan, the cycle is 1 month. Current date is 13/07/2017. The first plan date is appearing as 12/08/2017 in IP10. But when I save the call, in the notification the Required Start Date is appearing as 10/08/2017. The call horizon is 0%. Tolerance is also 0%. Why the Reqd Start date is 10/08/2017? As per my understanding, it should be same as Plan date, i.e. 12/08/2017.
This is the SPRO setting for priority 1.
Prty Pr Pr type Rel str Rel end Priority text SDUn EDUn
SM 1 Service Priorities (Blank) 4 Very high H H

Thanks in Advance,

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