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RE:[sap-log-sd] PGI Issue - BA Defict in Unrestricted

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Reply from ChiefRick on Aug 1 at 9:46 AM
If your error message says it is a deficit of Unrestricted but does not have the letter E in it which would indicate deficit of allocated stock known as E-stock, then it would seem the delivery is expecting the stock to be not allocated. I have seen the Requirements Type on the Procurement tab of the sales order in VA03 be one that was for non-allocated stock when I expected allocated stock. I have also seen the stock be taken up by a different large delivery, but if you checked material availability, that seems less likely. Unfortunately, the error message can be caused by a ton of different things. Good luck!

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From: daniel
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2017 1:42 AM
Subject: PGI Issue - BA Defict in Unrestricted


When I am trying to PGI finished material, I am receiving the "Title" issue.
This material is allocated by batch and in KG.

I have check MD04 and MMBE. Product is available and in unrestricted.
All posting dates and material availability dates are fine.

I am having this will all materials that I am trying to dispatch today, 3 Orders, containing 11 batches.

All products for 2 x orders and 3 batches for the other were released today by QA.
Teco of orders were preformed yesterday for the end of month closure.

Any help to fix this will be greatly appreciated.


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