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RE: [sap-career] SYNTEL VS CAPGEMINI (IBM -iseries AS400)

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Reply from JValescu on Jun 20 at 9:16 AM
My experience with Cap-Gemini was less than gracious. In the late 80's, they purchased the largest, private consulting firm in Cleveland, OH. The whole corporate dynamic changed from being fresh and exciting to tedious and highly politically charged. What got my goat was that I was an engineer that had almost 0 downtime, the old company would already have me placed well in advance for my skill set. Once single time, the assignment I was to start needed to be put on hold for about 4 weeks. In the meantime, to keep me billing, they put me on a help desk at BP. I did a good job, as I would with any work I do. When it came time to start the engineering project, I was told by Cap that as long as the current client likes me, that's where I stay. I quit 2 weeks later and never looked back. Many of my colleagues have worked for Cap at some time. Unless you are a high-ranking exec in the company, there was no growth path or advancement.


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Subject: SYNTEL VS CAPGEMINI (IBM -iseries AS400)

Hi Friends,

I need your advice, I am currently working in Syntel, and I am project lead here. It's been 9 month working with Syntel. Now I have offer from Cap Gemini which is a good one. I was wondering can you advise me which is better option stick with Syntel or avail good offer from Cap, the reason I am looking out for change is money then there is not much work learning in my project but possibility of UK onsite is there.
When they say COBOL400 projects in pune -does that mean in hinewadi or talwade office and what are the chances if project is over they can ask for relocation.
Please advise - Your suggestions are important.


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